Saturday, 19 October 2019

The Universal Packing List

The Universal Packing List

All you need to do is to fill in the boxes above about your trip and then you will be presented with a custom travel checklist. Use this to make sure you have everything you require for your trip and try not to leave it until the last minute. You can also find out the expected local weather at your destination to assist you when working out what you need to take. You can also use our time zones tool to work out the time difference between where you are and your destination. UPL also allows you to book car hire for when you arrive at you destination. This was added at the request from our users due to the large increase in prices when you land at a destination as oppose to booking in advance. During our research we also found that buying currency in the airport or whilst abroad resulted in large extra fees for our users.

Please see our currency converter which will allow you to work out the rate you should be getting. Use it also to pre-order currency to make sure you secure the best rate and maximise the spending money you are taking away with you. We also added a dialling codes tool which will inform you of the exact number you or your loved ones back home will need to use to contact your destination. You can also use it to work out what number you need to use to call home when abroad. Finally, we keep our eyes out for great product recommendations for traveling. I found this review of potty training videos to be pretty darn funny. If you are traveling with a child that age, check it out. We are constantly adding new tools to UPL and appreciate any suggestions. If you would like to see anything added or are interested in advertising or sponsorship opportunities please contact us. In the meantime please check out our blog or follow us on social media to keep updated on our new features.

Cars made outside the UK and imported here for sale will be subject to 10.6 per cent important tariffs under official no-deal trade rules. The UK's automotive manufacturing industry produces around 1.5 million cars each year, but 1.2 million of these are exported, meaning almost all of the 2.3 million cars we bought in 2018 were imported. Following the vote, Volkswagen was clear that additional costs caused by no-deal would be passed on to consumers. Ralf Brandstatter, chief operating officer of the VW brand, called the result 鈥渄isappointing鈥? adding: 鈥渋f tariffs should come then we probably would also have to think about pricing. The society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has previously estimated no-deal tariffs will add an average of 拢1,500 to the cost of a new car. With profit margins in the industry often as low as five per cent, the ability and willingness of Manufacturers and dealers to absorb additional costs are minimal. Confirmation of the 10.6 per cent tariff makes Porsche's decision in February to potentially impose an identical surcharge on new orders a wise move. As news of last night's defeat of May's deal, and official tariff guidance broke, the SMMT issued alarm bells warning of the consequences of no deal. Mike Hawes, CEO of the SMMT said the vote "leaves us perilously close to the 鈥榗liff edge'". Calling a no-deal scenario "catastrophic for the automotive industry", Hawes said the tariffs: do 鈥渘ot resolve the devastating effect a 鈥榥o deal鈥橞rexit would have on the automotive industry. No policy on tariffs can come close to compensating for the disruption, cost and job losses that would result from 鈥榥o deal鈥? Hawes called it 鈥渟taggering that we are in this position with only days until we are due to leave. Every day 鈥榥o deal鈥?remains a possibility is another day companies pay the price in expensive contingency measure. What do you think of foreign-made cars having a 10.6% tariff charge?

Former Formula One racer and Le Mans winner Mark Blundell has announced that he鈥檒l be driving in this season鈥檚 Kwik Fit British Touring Car Championship. Race wins in the US CART series followed along with more Le Mans drives before he turned his attention to his sports management business MB Partners, which mentors and manages elite and up-and-coming racing drivers. Speaking about his BTCC debut, Blundell said: 鈥淥nce the opportunity arose to get back behind the wheel, it was always something I was very keen to make happen. 鈥淚 have been lucky enough to have had a fantastic motor racing career to date and to have been a part of British motorsport for many years. Blundell will be lining up against BTCC veterans Jason Plato and Matt Neal as well as 2018 champion Colin Turkington and Nicolas Hamilton, brother of F1 champion Lewis. Since the beginning of the championship in 1958, F1 stars have been regular starters in BTCC. In the sixties Jim Clark crossed over to the tin-top series, while more recently Johnny Herbert, Derek Warwick, Jonathan Palmer and Nigel Mansell have also raced BTCC cars. The BTCC marks Blundell鈥檚 return to front-line motorsport for the first time in six years. It also marks the start of a new sponsorship package from a large global company, details of which will be announced in the coming weeks. 鈥淢y participation in the series has come about due to a hugely exciting partnership that we are looking forward to announcing in the coming weeks,鈥?said Blundell. What do you think of Mark Blundell's return to BTCC?