Sunday, 19 January 2020

A Personalised Number Plate Makes Your Car Stand Out

A Personalised Number Plate Makes Your Car Stand Out

A personalised number plate is one of the most amazing birthday or Christmas presents you could ever buy for anyone - including yourself! Every time that person gets in their car they will think of you. There are plenty to choose from, too. It is estimated that there are 45 million DVLA private number plates available, and contrary to popular opinion they don't necessarily cost a fortune. In similar fashion, comedian Jimmy Tarbuck had COM 1C. One does wonder where these number plates are today. He Majesty The Queen has A 7, while the number plate on the back of the Aston Martin DB6 Volante that Prince William and Kate drove off in on their wedding day was JU5T WED. That was just a joke because the car belonged to Prince Charles, and the number plate on the front is very different. Actress Lind Lusardi has managed to obtain LU54 RDY which is good, but not as good as one she was offered several years ago which was L1 NDA. She now says that she kicks herself for not buying it every time she thinks about it.

This writer had a Mini back in the 1970's with the number plate RFA 45 which he now regrets selling as that plate is probably worth around 5,000 today! With hindsight, even then the plate might have been worth more than the car. Former racing drive Sir Stirling Moss had 7 SM and SM 7. During his racing days he entered no less than 497 races, winning 194 of them. He raced for Vanwall, Mercedes-Benz, Lotus, Cooper, and Maserati but preferred to race British cars saying that it was better to lose honourably in a British car than win in a foreign one. He was referred to as the greatest driver never to win the world championship, despite winning 16 Formula One Grand Prix. Sir John Madejski founded Auto Trader, and now is in publishing, hotels, property, and restaurants, and is chairman of Reading Football Club. He owns 1 JM on a Rolls Royce Corniche, JM 1 on another Rolls Royce, and JM 2 on a Jaguar XJ220. He also owns JM 19, B1 BYE, and TGF 140, although quite what the significance of the last is seems somewhat obscure. Princess Anne owns 1 ANN which was a wedding present on her first wedding day. TV presenter Chris Tarrant is not keen on CT 1 or similar number plates, but has got CHU 8B. He is very keen on angling and one of his favourite fish is the chubb, hence the number plate. Number plates that refer to the year of issue, such as 16 or 66 for 2016 can only be used on cars that are registered in that year or later years. This prevents people from making an earlier car seem younger than it actually is in the hope of selling it for a better price.

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CG Says: The 2019 Porsche 718 Cayman is essentially unchanged. The Cayman is Porsche鈥檚 鈥渆ntry-level鈥?two-seat sports car and is the hardtop-coupe variant of Porsche鈥檚 2-seat, mid-engine Boxster convertible (reviewed separately). Cayman had an extensive revamp for 2017. The base engine for the 718 Cayman is a 300-horsepower turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder, while the S is powered by a 2.5-liter version with 350 hp or 365-hp in GTS trim. Both engines offer a choice of 6-speed manual or 7-speed automated-manual transmissions. We classify both as Premium Sporty/Performance Cars. Available features include keyless access and starting, adaptive cruise control, and blind-spot alert. Though its mid-engine layout compromises passenger and cargo space somewhat, Cayman is surprisingly practical, and its road manners and mechanical sophistication will delight the most discriminating driver. While most rival sports cars offer superior power and a much better features-per-dollar ratio, they typically don鈥檛 match Porsche鈥檚 brand cachet and high trade-in values. Be careful when selecting options, though, as checking just a few boxes can send prices quickly skyward.